Create a roadbook

You can create a roadbook from several pdf pages on Trace de Trail.


From the web page of each track, a "pdf" button allows you to access the tool to design a new page.


Only subscribed users (trailer + and ultra, premium and premium +) can will be able to customize and save their pdf file.

Three buttons allow you to do the following:

  • Download : your page will not be saved on Trace de Trail and you will download directly the pdf file
  • Save as : you must name your pdf file. It will be saved and you can use it to build a roadbook of several pages. This button also allows you to duplicate an already saved pdf file.
  • Save : allows you to save changes to a previously saved page.

Subscribers can customize the pdf file :

  • choose portrait or landscape orientation
  • hide profile or use a custom one
  • add a logo
  • choose the scale of the map
  • use predefined portions to split the trace on multiple pages

Remember to open the layerswitcher layer to change the color of your track or the maps to use on your page...

From Menu/My roadbooks, you access all the pdf files that you have saved. You can then edit or delete them.


Use the + button under each available page to add it to your selection. You must add at least one page before generating your pdf file.

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